I was suprised to find out that I am the only few Asian in South France. When I shopped in Marseille, there were always people yelling "Kong-Ni-Chi-Wa" at me. I thought that in those people's small world they probably only know Japanese. Well, the funny thing is, my flight going back home was transferred in Seoul, so a lot of passengers on that plane were Korean. The stewardess spoke Korean to me. I chatted with a Korean woman in the back of the plane when I was waiting for the toilet. I asked if she could tell that I am not Korean, she said, "no, you have a Korean face". WOW. Now I am surprised.

So here is a test for all of you who think that you are good at distinguishing Chinese from Japanese or Korean: www.alllooksame.com

I got only 8 correct on that game. Shame on me. I missed several points when the people are actually Chinese!


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