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OK, since my boss has been threatening me to take the TW bar exam and pass the test since I started the job, and I don't want to be kicked out of the firm (except I quit the job, haha....), I decided to re-take the damned test once again and applied to sit for the bar on the last day of the application period. Upon my decision is made, here lies two main big problems: First, usually people take a full year to prepare for the TW bar. With only 2 months left for the bar exam and only few hours available after work each day, I don't know if I can win this game. Secondly, it's too late to enroll in a bar preparation course now. Without the help from the cram school where it helps gather bar exam material and useful bar info, I have no choice but to cram the god damned textbooks and work on my own. Thirdly, since Taiwan is a civil law country, memorize all the TW rules and regulations are necessary (no wonder I failed before).

To introduce the TW bar exam to my dear fellow, here are the test info:
Date: 8/24-26, 9:00-18:20
Subject: Civil Law, Chinese (if they change this subject to English, I may gain more points!), Constitution, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Administration Law and Compulsory Execution Law, Business Law and International Private Law

1. 民法(包括民總、債總和債各、物權、親屬和繼承)
2. 國文 (包括作文和測驗)
3. 中華民國憲法
4. 刑事訴訟法
5. 民事訴訟法
6. 刑法(包括刑總、刑分)
7. 行政法(包括行政罰法、行政程序法、行政訴訟法、行政執行法、訴願法)
8. 強制執行法
9. 商事法(包括公司法、票據法、海商法、保險法)


I cannot believe that I have to face this nightmare after all these years. Any tips from the successful bar exam taker?

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今天很巧的有同事轉寄這本新書的介紹給大家《這是你的船:成功領導的技巧和實踐》,英文名為:It's Your Ship︰Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy。這本書在美國的英文版就賣了三十五萬本。


前陣子過年前後的離職狂潮到現在已經告了一段落。不管是對自己前途很有信心的離職,還是慘烈的離開,到現在都已紛紛找到新的歸屬。只是我一直在想的是,經過了這番大風吹之後,到底對這個job market有什麼影響?世界並不應我而停止轉動。


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The partner in the next room yelled at the secretary again for trivial stuff. The terrible one-way communication lasted for 20 min and I overheard every word because the wall is too thin. I don't know how the secretary manages to work here and maintain a stable mood, but I think working in an environment where people behave without showing respect to each other just sucks.

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Great composition, isn't it?
Except for me, all those colleagues have quit or are leaving.

This picture was directed by Jim. Debbie reluctantly did the pose.
Chaoling you have to stay here with me!

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With the Provence calendar hanging on my office wall, I feel lighter somehow.

Maybe I am just a "snow remover", a metaphor used in Murakami Haruki's novel "Dance, Dance, Dance", referring to the situation that we are hired to solve the problems for people. In that sense, it doesn't matter what job we do.

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